1. #repost cuz… REASONS.

  2. ShaDynasty

  3. Trent Miller sure knows how to: SXE10. ヽ(*´v`*)ノ

  4. Yoshida-san 15

  5. sugoiii

  6. @animalsutairu / @ryankado
    DANGGG, AnimalStyle = AgressiveSutairuuu

  7. DAMN U JULIAN!! Stellar job by you and D-Magic mannn! A whole new level!

  8. Oh man, this thing is so good!

  9. 素晴らしい三人組!

  10. Thanks for sending this picture of your good looking S15, always a pleasure to see, Ryusei-san! 


    If you guys want to send me photos of your projects, go here & leave me a mail!

  11. That SUNOCO decal, please no, if you going to dress up that boy, do not do it that way man!

    (EDIT: I mean decal size & placement, people.)

  12. Oh you must be tempted now ٩(^ᴗ^)۶